Friday, November 26, 2010

The NFC Least

With a lot on the line last week for the NFC West none of the teams came through. The NFC West was 0-4 last week while being outscored 120-50. The NFC West is becoming the laughing stock of the NFL. The NFC West is now 10 games under .500 at 15-25, and they are also 9-19 when playing outside of their division. The NFC West is the only division which all of the teams have a negative net points total. The West also has the worst road record in the NFL at 3-17. Last week the Seattle Seahawks had a chance to gain a two game lead in the division but they let up 27 points by half time and almost 500 yards of offense in their game with the New Orleans Saints. Everyone was talking about the San Francisco 49ers and their chance to pull within a game of first place. Well the 49ers were manhandled at home and shutout by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who only had 3 wins in 2009. The St. Louis Rams who could have gotten into a tie for first place played fairly well against the Atlanta Falcons for three quarters but still lost by 17 points at home. Then comes the Arizona Cardinals who are a shell of themselves without Kurt Warner. The Cardinals were quickly dispatched by the upstart Kansas City Chiefs who only had four wins in 2009. This week three of the four play on the road, luckily the 49ers play at Arizona so at least one NFC West team will find a victory. All of these teams seem soft and are without the playmakers capable of winning games for them. Also the NFL is all about playing 60 minutes of football and so far none of these teams seem to have the mental makeup to do that. We need to expect and want more from the St. Louis Rams and the NFC West. Competition makes everyone better and all of these teams are still in need of a lot of improvement.

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