Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rams Week 1 Player Of The Game - Donnie Jones

Well the votes are in and Donnie Jones is the St. Louis Rams Week 1 player of the week! Sure I did not let anyone vote for anyone other than Donnie Jones, but why would I? The defense was shredded for 522 yards and 38 points before the Philadelphia Eagles called off the dogs. On offense the Rams had 114 total net yards prior to their last drive which was against a lot of backup players on the Eagles. Sure Randy McMichael was decent but please.

With tongue firmly in cheek the Week 1 winner is Donnie Jones. Donnie had to punt on the first 10 Rams drives! Jones averaged 48.5 yards on 10 punts and had 3 placed inside the 20. In addition props to Donnie for making touchdown saving tackle on DeSean Jackson (I thought DeSean was on the Rams, oh wait they took Donnie Avery). Donnie made Jackson cross the entire field at the 35 yard line. While Jackson was making his way across the field and Rams pylons, Jones took a great angle to get all the way across the field to knock Jackson out of bounds at the 4 yard line. Our punter can run sideline to sideline and make a tackle, but no one on the special teams unit could get a hand on him. Great job Donnie. Now ice up for Week 2 against the Superbowl Champion New York Giants because I think we are going to need you!

As a friend of mine and I say, some weeks the best play for the Rams is "Donnie Jones to Punt!!!"

St. Louis Rams - Donnie Jones

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