Saturday, September 27, 2008

St. Louis Rams Season Home Opener Blacked Out?

Rams Blacked Out?Just 48 hours ago I was getting the beer on ice and firing up the grill and getting ready for another season of St. Louis Rams and NFL football. The pre-game shows, the excitement, the anticipation. Are you with me so far? Well flash forward to Tuesday after a miserable loss 38-3 to the Philadelphia Eagles. Not only are the Rams 0-1 and the laughing stock of the league already, but they also have injuries to key players. Now you can top that off with a possible black out of the New York Giants game, for you fans that do not have season tickets to the game. Below you will see two items from the St. Louis Post Dispatch:
The Rams drew the lowest rating Sunday for a telecast of their season opener since they arrived in St. Louis 14 seasons ago. According to Nielsen Media Research, 12 percent of homes with a TV in the market tuned in to the telecast on KTVI (Channel 2). That's 30 percent below the previous low figure of 17.2 set in 1995 for the team's first game after moving to St. Louis.

Some tickets remain for Sunday's game, but team executive Bob Wallace said the Rams were "very close" to selling out.

However I believe the Rams are already putting a spin on ticket sales. still show3947 tickets left for the Rams vs. Giants game. That sounds like more than "some" tickets remain, that sounds like a lot remain. This is the home opener against the Superbowl champions and the Rams are already having trouble selling the tickets. Can you imagine what a blowout loss to the Giants could do to this franchise? This is just on Stubhub and does not count all the other places Rams tickets may be for sale like ebay, craigslist, the newspaper, etc.

Now to top this off I will tell you not only are there 3947 tickets left for the Rams vs. Giants game but they start at $10.98 at the moment! That's right $10.98 for an NFL ticket to see the Superbowl champs and they can not sell them! Don't look now but this could be the start of the Rams exiting from St. Louis.

If you are interested in cheap tickets to this weeks game click here.

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