Saturday, September 27, 2008

The St. Louis Rams Defer To The Philadelphia Eagles

St. Louis Rams deferYou have to hand it to Scott Linehan, he sure never helps himself out. He changed everything in the off season like that would fix the fact the St. Louis Rams need to add more talent and play hungry. We hear they practice hard, Bulger looks great, blah blah blah. Then we get fired up for opening day, we win the coin toss and we DEFER! Sure you really can't look back and say they lost 38-3 to the Philadelphia Eagles because of a coin flip, however can you be any more passive than you already are then by deferring on the opening kick off? Take the ball, hand it off to Steven Jackson 3 straight times and come out with the attitude that you are going to over power them with your Pro Bowl back. Not Scott, he will defer. Well 2 minutes and 44 seconds later the Rams were down 7-0 and it snowballed from their as many games do for the Rams. They were also once again out-scored 17-3 in the second half of a football game. If this tiger can't change his stripes maybe the tiger needs to be released.

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