Saturday, September 27, 2008

NFC West Predictions

Stlvinnie PredictionsWell this is it, the start of the 2008 NFL season. Everyone has hope, everyone is 0-0, how will it all finish? No football fan wants the next 17 weeks to just fly by, but we all want to know what the end results will be. Will your team be on top of the heap, rebuilding, drafting early in 2009? Below you will find my predictions for the NFC West, the home of our St. Louis Rams. Please chime in with your thoughts and comments. The NFC West is a very weak division. Every team has some huge flaws. The biggest flaw for each team is their schedule. Having to play every team in the NFC East along with the New England Patriots is no favor to these teams.

1. Seattle Seahawks - As they say they are the champs until you knock them off. The Seahawks have dominated this division now for a while, and I believe that trend will continue in 2008. I am not sold on their receiving core, however their defense and HUGE home field advantage give them the edge in this division.

Prediction 10-6

2. Arizona Cardinals - I am going to give the Cardinals a slight edge heading into the season for 2nd place. I base most of this on the fact that they are getting the bottom of the AFC East early. The Cardinals will play games against the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills all within the first five weeks of the season. This will give the Cardinals a chance to get off to a positive start, but will they. History will tell us that the Cardinals are best after the season when the fans break out the ifs and buts. The Cardinals do tend to implode so the fact that Boldin is disgruntled heading into the season, and the team has a QB controversy should not surprise anyone.

Prediction 6-10

3. St. Louis Rams - The Rams have some of the biggest potential and biggest question marks coming into the season. I based a lot of this prediction on my lack of faith in Scott Linehan. The Schedule makers did not do the Rams any favors with games against every team in the NFC East within the first 6 weeks of the season, OUCH. With a new offensive coordinator in Al Saunders, and only one veteran receiver in Torry Holt, I do not expect the Rams to start off well. The Rams will have to start off very strong to avoid going 1-6 in their first seven games. On the upside the offense will have Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Steven Jackson, and Randy McMichael who could all have Pro Bowl years. Too many questions about Orlando Pace and the defense will keep this team from succeeding this year. However if they manage to win 3 of the first 7 watch out.

Prediction 6-10

4. San Francisco 49ers - There is just not enough here to work with. Frank Gore must be screaming HELP ME! The 49ers head into the 2008 season with Mad Mike Martz as the new offensive coordinator, J.T. O'Sullivan as the starting QB, and no offense to Isaac Bruce, but he 49ers have to have the worst receiving core in the NFL. Why the Niners spent money of veterans like Justin Smith and Isaac Bruce I just can not understand. This team is still in rebuilding mode do they not see that? It will be another long year in the bay for the Niners and Raiders.

Prediction 3-13



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