Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rams Turn Up Road Kill In Philly

Rams roadkill in PhillyFor St. Louis Rams fans in the area (if there are any of you left), have you ever been to the Ozarks and seen those roadkill cafe shirts at the Ozarkland type shops? Well that is what Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles reminded me of. The Rams were run the F*** over by a bigger, stronger, better coached, more talented, more hungry, more aggressive car (team). It took the Rams 2 minutes and 44 seconds to fall behind 7-0 on there way to a dismal 38-3 loss. The Rams were out-scored 219-98 on the road in 2007 while going 2-6 on the road. Now out of the gate they turn into roadkill 38-3. Very few people thought the Rams had a chance to win today, but are you kidding me. Luckily it is only 1 loss however the Rams showed NOTHING, 6 false starts, 10 punts, only 36 net yards rushing, no forced turnovers, no sacks, no NOTHING.


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