Friday, August 14, 2009

Live Rams GameDay Blog

1st Q - Jets started the game with the ball. On the first series Leonard Little sacked Kellen Clement and forces a fumble which James Hall recovered. Josh Brown booted a 48 yard FG after the Rams failed to move the ball. A few bad plays by the Rams D on the second drive alowed the Jets to tie the game at 3. Rams second drive was stalled again with another sack the second of the quarter. Justin King gets burned on a bomb from sanchez. Quarter ends tied at 3.
2nd Q - Rams start second quarter ith mostly backups. Jets drove 93 yards with Sanchez at the helm to take a 10-3 lead. Drive was helped a lot by Justin King getting burned and David Roach missing a tackle on 3rd and long. Offensive starters except Steven Jackson start the third Rams drive. Bulger connected on a nice long pass to Laurent Robinson. Drive stalled again as Bulger was sacked for the third time, 10-6 Jets. Kyle Boller, Pittman, and Robinson led the Rams on a nice 12 play drive ending in a Josh Brown FG before halftime. Jets up 10-9 at halftime.
3rd Q - Rams started with the ball and Jason Smith and Kyle Boller. Samkon Gado ripped off a 77 yard TD run up the middle to put the Rams up 16-10.Shonn Greene rips off a long run and gets the Jets in scoring position to make it 16-13 half way through the quarter. Brock Berlin led the Rams on a fairly long drive that stalled at the Jets 39. Rams lead 16-13 after 3.
4th Q - Tood Johnson is burned on a play fake, and Erik Ainge passes to David Clowney down the middle for 50 yard TD, as the Jets take the lead 20-16. After Brock Berlin was hurt on a rollout Keith Null took over and lead the Rams on a TD drive. Null hit Sean Walker for a 13 yard touchdown pass. Rams up 23-20 with 7:32 left in the game. Eric Moore and C.J. Ah You had some great plays in the 4th to stop a Jets late game drive. Rams win 23-20!!
Player of the game Samkon Gado 6 carries for 93 yards and a TD, along with a catch for 5 yards.

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