Friday, August 14, 2009

Rams @ Jets What We Are Watching

The number one thing we are looking for tonight is watching the kids. When will Jason Smith come into the game as right tackle? Will he hold his own? Will James Laurinaitis fit right in at MLB between Chris Draft and Will Witherspoon? It is time for the Rams to find a diamond in the rough so I would love to see Foster Brooks WR out of North Carolina become the next Torry Holt.

The O-line. The big uglies are the key to every football team. The Rams currently have a large quantity but do they have a large amount of quality. Also the starting 5 heading into the season have never played together before so they need to jell.

Marc Bulger the enigma. Can he play and does he want to play? At times it is hard to tell. I want to see emotion, leadership, toughness in the pocket, and the ability to throw a football 55+ yards. He needs all of these qualities not just one or two. I would also like to see him play more than a quarter.

Watching S-Jack (Steven Jackson) run. Steven Jackson is the heart and sole and leader of this team without a doubt. Sure we don't want to see him get hurt so why play him? Well because he can get hurt in practice or the weight room, so let's get him game day ready. How great would it be to see him run behind Jason Smith after a pancake block and head down the sidelines for a long TD run. I want to see it!

Last but not least we need some wide receivers. Who will step up and separate themselves from the others? With Donnie Avery out 4-6 weeks with a fracture in his foot others will get a long look. I want to see Keenan Burton step up and Foster Brooks show us what he's got. Everyone was a rookie once, there is no reason players on this roster can't become the next great players!

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