Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jim Thomas Talks About The Rams on ESPN 101

Jim Thomas was on ESPN 101 this afternoon talking to Bernie Miklasz about the St. Louis Rams. I will give you a brief overview of what Thomas had to say. The Rams went to Lambert airport a little after noon to take their charter flight to New York. Jim said Steve Spagnuolo is organized, has a presence about him and exudes confidence. Spagnuolo can play a big room better than Scott Linehan. This means when he walks in the room he is respected and the players are playing attention. Jim alluded to the fact the Rams never seemed to really do that for Linehan. The Rams starters should play one quarter give or take a couple plays depending on how long teams keep the ball. Adam Goldberg will start the game as the starting right tackle. Jason Smith will then come in with the second team Mark Setterstrom, Roy Schuening, John Greco, and Phil Trautwein. Thomas says that Jason Smith is not ready to start an NFL game yet. Thomas and Miklasz believe the Rams should play Jason Smith as much as possible during the preseason to get as much work in as possible. We look forward to watching the Rams tomorrow night on Fox 2.

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