Thursday, August 13, 2009

St. Louis Rams 31st In Power Rankings

Gregg Rosenthal from RotoWorld posted an article on as part of a preseason power ranking segment they are doing. The St. Louis Rams are currently in the 31st position. My favorite quote is "Jackson will have to shine because the passing game is a mess". I can't disagree with that. I am really a little shocked that the Rams are not making it more of a competition between Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller in camp. They also point out the Rams may have the weakest receiving core in the league. I can't really disagree with that either, the Rams are rebuilding almost from scratch. After a pretty somber article Gregg does predict the Rams will go 5-11. Right now I hope for better but lets face it 5-11 would not be that bad or that big of a surprise. Your thoughts?

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