Monday, March 23, 2009

NFL Kisses Patriots Ass Again

Patriots SuckThe NFL announced compensatory draft picks today. The St. Louis Rams will not be receiving any picks this year. The picks are awarded to teams that lose free agent talent the previous year. Since the Rams did not lose huge talent, first they would need to have some, they were not given any picks. The New England Patriots will receive 3 picks including a 3rd rounder, which really pisses me off. Sure they lost Asante Samuel but I still hate them, and I hate when the league gives them anything. Let's just flat out say it the Patriots suck! There I feel much better.

As far as the NFC West goes, the San Francisco 49ers were given a 5th and 7th round pick. The Arizona Cardinals were given a 7th round pick, and the Seattle Seahawks received three 7th round picks. Once again the Rams bring up the rear. This makes the Rams 1st round pick that much more important.



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