Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who Will The Rams Pick Up?

NFL Free AgentsWell the clock struck midnight on Thursday February 26th and the meat market; I mean 2009 NFL free agency period had begun. With hundreds of hot prospects out there who do you want, and can you afford them? They all come with a lot of risks and possible baggage. Why would they leave their current luxurious homes to come to ours? Can we possibly bargain for a lower price or at least negotiate a longer term deal? Which agent would you like to see the St. Louis Rams pick up?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say we're off to a good start. Brown at at center is a great pick up. Hopefully resign Incognito at guard and get him to tone down his antics and get a better year out of Bell we have greatly solidifed our interior O-line. Could Pace possibly take one for the team and resructure his contract? If we could get another couple years out of him and he retire a Ram like Slater before him, that would be a great thing. Now if only Barron could realize his potential. O-line could be much improved. Run the ball with Jackson, protect Bulger and give him a couple more weapons... Hey things could happen on offense. Just don't turn the ball over.

Now on Defense... We have to resign Ron Bartell. Priority. He's a stud and he will only get better playing in Spagnuolo's defense. Obviously sign Atogwe to a long-term deal and if we could acquire Butler at SS our secondary is coming on. We have to find a run stuffing NT somewhere. Now I'm hoping for Aaron Curry in the draft to be our middle linebacker for years and I'm starting to like our rebuilding process...

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