Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kurt Warner Goes To San Francisco 49ers

As sick as it makes me, there are reports that free agent Kurt Warner could possibly sign with the hated San Francisco 49ers. These reports are coming from ESPN and the San Francisco The PressDemocrat has these comments:

The 49ers have a "legitimate shot" to land veteran free-agent quarterback Kurt Warner, who led the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl this season, a league source said. A second source with knowledge of the situation said there have been no serious contract discussions.

No visit has been scheduled that would bring together 49ers representatives and Warner. One source said the 49ers might get together with Warner in the next day or two. If the discussions heat up, the 49ers could send a group of three, including Mike Singletary and general Scot McCloughan, to Arizona to visit with Warner, the source said.

As hard as it was to watch Isaac Bruce go over to the San Francisco 49ers can you even imagine for one second the thought of Kurt Warner playing for the whiners? Maybe we should all send Billy Bidwell a few more of our hard earned dollars so he can sign Kurt and save us from this possible travesty! I have to go throw up now, so please stay tuned...


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