Saturday, August 11, 2007

St. Louis Rams Media Coverage

I can't believe we are a mid major market and can't seem to get good announcers. The Fox 2 coverage on Friday night was terrible. First we have Martin Kilcoyne and D’Marco Farr on the TV side. Kilcoyne never seems to know what is going on or interested in telling us the current information we need to know. Farr seems to be laughing at all times even when not saying anything. The very first play of the game the Rams were off-sides on the kickoff. We never knew who was off-sides and Kilcoyne never seemed to really figure out what happened? Punt return by Stanley of 12 yards and Kilcoyne said 7-8 yards on the return is he even watching? The graphics were just as bad on 3rd and 3 twice once it said 3rd and 5 another time 3rd and 6 I don’t know what there doing. Farr tells you people don’t need to make plays or the tackle just get in the way. What? Maybe that is why the D could not tackle last year. Also don’t forget he was coaching in NFL Europe because he will tell you all about it. My favorite was playing the going to commercial music prior to a kick. Terrible just terrible, they are not qualified to announce Mizzou games.

Steve Savard and Jim Hanifan are on the KLOU broadcast and I love Hannie but English is really not his first language. You can’t tell half the things he says, he is yelling or mumbling in the background. He is on the radio you need to be able to understand the announcer if you can’t watch the action at the same time. Savard use to play football so that makes him Mr. Know-it-all while telling you about the action. He also has the Al Hrobosky disease of being the biggest homer on the planet for the Rams. If someone sucks tell us don’t say wow that was a great tackle 20 yards down field.

Just sad indeed, all I can say is go to the dome to watch 8 games and hope the coverage of the 8 road games is better on Direct TV.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i grew up in st louis and went to many games there. i moved to SWMO and am lucky to see a rams game any more. damn chiefs games. count urself lucky to get to watch em

8/17/2007 04:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kilcoyne is too flip unless he's with someone with whom he feels a need to "kiss-up-to". It is a tired act. Viewers want analysis and insight without put downs and snide remarks in an attempt to make the broadcaster seem clever. Study Buck and Savard to polish this South County show into a class act.
I've moved on, but allow me say, grow up buddy and you will grow an audience.

2/06/2008 05:13:00 PM  

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