Friday, January 7, 2011

St. Louis Rams 2011 Opponents

The list of St. Louis Rams 2011 opponents has been released. If you just look at the numbers I believe their schedule to be misleading. The year of the cupcake is over and the Rams will be in for some tough contests in 2011.

The Rams 2010 opponents coming into the season had a winning percentage of .449 in 2009. On paper that gave the St. Louis Rams the second easiest schedule in the NFL in 2010. The St. Louis Rams 2011 opponents had an overall winning percentage of .477 in 2010 however their schedule looks to be much tougher in 2011. If you throw out the NFC West records the St. Louis Rams will play teams with a combined winning percentage of .538 in 2011. Those teams include Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Cincinnati and New Orleans at home and Dallas, the New York Giants, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Green Bay on the road. Five of these 10 teams made the NFL playoffs in 2010.

The St. Louis Rams will need to get much better in 2011 to compete with these teams. Philly, Baltimore, New Orleans , Pittsburgh and Green Bay seem to be good year after year. In addition Dallas should be much improved in 2011 as well. The Rams need a strong free agent period and a great draft to keep making strides in today's NFL.

Actual game dates and times will be released in April 2011.

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