Friday, January 7, 2011

NFL Wild Card Weekend Playoff Predictions

Over the last three years road and home teams are both 6-6 during the NFL Wild Card weekend. This weekends slate of games looks like another year were two or three road teams could be victorious. You can easily make cases for all four road teams to win this weekend. I am going to go against this trend. New Orleans should be able to handle Seattle without an issue. I like Peyton at home in a night game, Sanchez has not shown me he can win this type of game this year. I like the Chiefs running game against the Ravens who are getting old and have a pedestrian offense. The Eagles and Packers should be a great one, this one is a toss up by I like the birds. What are your thoughts let us know on our St. Louis Rams Blog.

NFL Wild Card Weekend Predictions below:

New Orleans Saints
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles

Playoffs 0 - 0

Last Week - 10 - 6

Year-To-Date Results – 162 - 94 (63%)

Last year I was 165-91 (64%) on predictions

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