Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rams vs. 49ers Game Preview

Well this is it Rams fans, the game we have all been waiting for. The game today against the San Francisco 49ers is the biggest game for the St. Louis Rams since they were 4-4 midway through the 2005 NFL season. The St. Louis Rams are in first place in the NFC West and control their own destiny. Sam Bradford has only been in the NFL for 8 weeks and he is already the best quarterback in the NFC West. The confidence that Bradford shows has been absorbed by the rest of the Rams. The Rams are a confident bunch, playing well and coming off of the bye week about as healthy as they have been all season.

There is really not much to say about this game. This game is very important for both teams and I expect to watch them slug it out. The Rams would love to bury the 49ers and make them 2-7 and probably end their season. A win from the 49ers could possibly bring them within a game of first place so it is all or nothing for the 49ers this week.

I expect a very even game today. Both teams will play very solid hard hitting defense while on offense both teams will feature power running. The Rams are 29th in scoring while the 49ers are 30th so it will all come down to execution and mistakes. I give the 49ers a slight edge because Frank Gore can get bigger chunks of yardage than Steven Jackson. On defense everyone always thinks the 49ers are great and play like Mike Singletary but the truth is they are 19th in scoring defense and 16th in yards allowed while the Rams have been more solid in the top 10 in both categories.

So here is the elephant in the room. The St. Louis Rams have only won 1 of their previous 15 road games. To win on the road you have to be mentally tough. With Sam Bradford at the helm the Rams are more confident than ever but have still struggled on the road. It is very hard for a rookie quarterback to perform well on the road. The Rams will need Bradford to take care of the ball today while also making some plays.

I hope I am wrong but I am going pick the San Francisco 49ers to win this game. Until I actually see the Rams win on the road I just can not pick them. I think Frank Gore will find a way to get away at least once and I think Vernon Davis will make some key plays for the 49ers. With Troy Smith at QB I think the Rams will have a hard time getting to the QB. I look for the 49ers to control the ball and make one more play that the St. Louis Rams.

Prediction San Francisco 49ers 16 - St. Louis Rams 13

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