Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Roger Craig Can Suck It

Sunday Roger Craig former San Francisco 49ers great said on Fanhouse "The 49ers are the perfect team to annihilate the NFC West." When asked about the NFC West Craig replied "They're (the 49ers) gonna be strong contenders this year. You think about Kurt Warner's not with Arizona anymore. They're gonna be rebuilding. Anquan Boldin is gone, and Pete Carroll's gonna have a tough time first year. He's gonna come out the gate and not really dominate the West. So 49ers are a perfect team to annihilate the West."

Well although Roger may be correct that the 49ers may win the NFC West in 2010 I still want to tell him to suck it, mainly because I am a Rams fan and we hate the San Francisco 49ers. In addition let's not talk smack about a team that has not had a winning season since 2002! Thats right Roger the 49ers have not had a winning season since 2002 when they went 10-6 and won the NFC West. To say the 49ers will annihilate the West is a little overhype from Roger. There are only four teams in the NFC West he could have at least mentioned the Rams, the NFL is all about on again given Sunday correct?

P.S. Roger, Alex Smith is the 49ers QB and he sucks it too!

By Stlvinnie - http://www.stlouisramfan.com/

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