Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Four Rams Make Top 200 Fantasy Rankings

Today NFL.com released their 2010 Top 200 Fantasy Player rankings. With training camp 6 weeks out, and preseason games 2 months out, why not start talking fantasy football. The Rams managed to get four players into the top 200 rankings. Those four players are Steven Jackson (9), Donnie Avery (145), Laurent Robinson (170), and Sam Bradford (194).

It is nice to see our young players on this list but you can also see why the Rams are not viewed as a powerhouse. In Sam Bradford we have the 30th ranked QB. On one hand it is nice that he is ranked since he has not even thrown a pass in the NFL. On the other hand he most likely will be guarded with basically two rookie tackles, and has a very young and inexperienced wide receiver core to throw to.

Donnie Avery and Laurent Robinson come in ranked at 58th and 65th respectively. This means they are viewed as bottom tier #2 NFL caliber receivers. Hopefully Mardy Gilyard will be able to crack the lineup early and have some chemistry with Sam Bradford.

The one constant on the St. Louis Rams is Steven Jackson. Steven Jackson comes in as the 13th ranked player over all and 9th at the running back position. I think this is low for a player with 5 straight thousand yard rushing seasons along with 38+ receptions in each of those years as well.

The Rams still need more skill and depth as they have the least amount of players from the NFC West in the rankings. The Seattle Seahawks surprisingly lead with seven players followed by the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers with six.

By Stlvinnie - http://www.stlouisramfan.com/

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