Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10 Game Day Thoughts

Top 10 Game Day Thoughts

These are my top ten thoughts (in no particular order) for today while watching NFL football.

The St. Louis Rams have serious problems passing the football, please draft a franchise QB. Ryan Fitzpatrick has more TD passes (9) than Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller combined in 2009 (8).

Jamaal Charles is the best unknown running back in the NFL. Charles finished with an NFL leading 5.9 yards per carry, higher than Chris Johnson! Fun fact Charles was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2008 NFL Draft, the Rams selected Guard John Greco in that round.

Tim Tebow can play QB. Long delivery, plays in a system, no snaps under center blah blah blah. I'll take him, he is a baller! Here is what he can do. 9285 yards passing, 88 TD Passes while throwing only 16 interceptions, and 57 rushing TDs! This kid is a winner!

You need a top flight QB to win in the NFL. Sure you can find examples of QBs like Trent Dilfer win a Super Bowl but just look at the playoff QBs: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees & Kurt Warner. Case closed.

This is a simple one, you have to score more than the other team. Winning teams in the NFL averaged 29 points per game today. All the rules are in place for offensive football in the NFL. Just another reason the Rams need playmakers over Suh.

The Cleveland Browns once 1-11 finished 5-11. No big deal I agree, but what if you look at it this way. The Cleveland Browns won more games the last 24 days than the St. Louis Rams have won in 2+ years!

Which is worse if you are a fan? Denver starting the season 6-0 and finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs or Tennessee starting 0-6 and finishing 8-8?

The St. Louis Rams scored a league low 175 points. You have to go back to 2006 Oakland Raiders to find a worse offense, as they scored only 168 that year. Just think about that in the last 4 years only the Rams and Raiders have scored under 200 points in a season.

I really do not want to hear any member of the Rams organization or St. Louis media tell me how hard the Rams continue to play. This team won a league low 1 game! If a team like the Kansas City Chiefs can go on the road and beat a team trying to make the playoffs (Denver) and put up 44 points, then Rams fans should expect more. BTW 44 points is 25% of the total points the Rams scored this year. Who is playing hard?

Is former Missouri QB Brad Smith the most explosive New York Jets player all of a sudden? Brad's big play ability in the kicking game, and in the Wildcat formation is giving the New York Jets offense a big push heading into the 2009 NFL playoffs.

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