Sunday, January 3, 2010

St. Louis Rams Sacked 28-6 In Finale

Well the St. Louis Rams did not disappoint today. In one of the most boring games ever watched (be thankful it was blacked out) The Rams were sacked 8 times, and blown out 28-6. The Rams not only lost their 15th game of the year and 42nd in 3 years, they also set the record for worst record in Rams franchise history going 1-15.

As bad as the St. Louis Rams have been on offense they managed to be worse today. Even with Steve Jackson playing the Rams could not do anything. On their first five drives of the game the Rams totaled 3 yards! Three! How bad was this game? The Rams who only had 72 yards of offense in the first half went into halftime with a 3-0 lead over the San Francisco 49ers. Never fear the Rams second half offense showed up as it always does. The Rams longest drive of the second half was 8 yards! Did I mention the Rams could do nothing on offense? Poor Donnie Jones was forced to punt 11 times. The Rams totaled 109 yards for the game!

Former Missouri stand out Justin Smith burned the Rams for 3.5 sacks, he had only 2.5 for the entire season. I don't care how many players are hurt on this team, they absolutely can not block. From the center out to the TE's and back to the running backs none of them can block. Unless Suh can play O-line as well as D-line this team is still going to have serious issues in 2010.

The 49ers who looked disinterested in the first half managed 28 second half points once they started testing the Rams secondary. It amazes me that teams do not just pass play after play against the Rams corners. Alex Smith who had 23 yards passing at half time finished with 222 yards, a TD, and a QB rating of 97.6.

The Rams season is finally over. Are we any better than in 2008? We cleared out some veteran players that is about the only difference I see at this point. We still have holes at every position except RB, where we still need a quality back, not a quality back up, a quality back. It is still too early for Devaney, Spags, and the other coaches but I am not impressed so far. For a closing thought, please do not tell me the Rams played hard today, that should be a given, the Chiefs scored 44 points on the road in a game they could have written off. That is playing hard, please see the difference.

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