Saturday, November 7, 2009

Colts & Manning Dump The Rams 42-6

Well it was another early exit for the St. Louis Rams on Sunday as they were dumped 42-6 by the Indianapolis Colts at the very quiet Edward Jones Dome. The Colts won the opening coin flip, received the kickoff and went 90 yards, in 10 plays, in 6 minutes and 4 seconds to take an early 7-0 nothing lead on a 6 yard TD pass from Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne. On a day when the Rams would only score 6 points the Colts had 7 before we even touched the ball. Game over.

I expect the usual puff pieces from the St. Louis media and the Rams tomorrow. The Rams tried hard, it was close for three quarters, if only we could have executed on a couple more plays. Well guess what the Rams did not and now have lost 17 straight games which is a disgrace in the salary cap era. In addition they have been outscored at home 116-33. They have not turned any corner, they have only managed to replace some older players for younger players.

I expected more from a Steve Spagnuolo led defense, I know he wasn't given much to work with but I was expecting something. The Rams were again lifeless on defense. The Colts had 3 drives of 78+ yards. The Rams allowed the Colts to convert 8 of 12 third down attempts. The Rams had no sacks and forced no turnovers. I know Manning is good and your secondary is thin but you have to play with a little risk.

The Rams offense was not much better. The Rams had only 121 yards of offense at halftime and trailed the Colts 21-3 going into the second half. On the Rams 4th offensive play they completed on a 50 yard flea flicker from Marc Bulger to Donnie Avery. In usual Rams fashion they only managed a field goal on the drive, and Donnie Avery was banged up again and was unable to play much after his catch. The Rams who had 63 yards passing only four plays into the game ended the game with 117 net yards passing and two awful interceptions by Marc Bulger.

I don't know how much worse it could get but we will find out this week as the Rams travel to Detroit to take on the Lions. The Rams have replaced the Lions as the laughing stock of the NFL, and if the Lions can hand the Rams another loss next week we will be down about as far as a franchise can fall.

Until next week....

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