Saturday, October 24, 2009

NFL Kisses New England Patriots Ass Again!

Let's face it the NFL has kissed the New England Patriots ass since 9/11. This team has gotten call after call for 8 years now, when will it end? Well apparently no time soon. After last Sunday when the Patriots embarrassed the Tennessee Titans 59-0, the league actually had the nerve to fine two Titans players for touching Tom Brady. Chris Hope was fined $10,000 for a helmet to helmet hit, and Tony Brown was fined $5,000 for touching Brady's helmet. I saw both hits and Giselle Bundchen smacks Tom on the ass when he leaves the house harder than these two hit him.

The person who should have been fined is Jeff Fisher. The Patriots who were up 45-0 at halftime came out with all of their starters in to start the 3rd quarter in a snow storm! Not only that but the Patriots were in the shotgun on the first play of the drive, and ended up going 65 yards in 9 plays (6 of them passes!!!) to go up 52-0! Jeff Fisher you should be fined for not having your players take care of this. It is time for teams to step up and punch the Patriots in the mouth. Your players should have been livid, instead they just laid down. Teams should come out and hammer Wes Welker within the 5 yard area and bring pressure and lay some shots on Brady. Penalties be damned let's bring the pain to the Patriots, the NFL, and ESPN.

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