Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tye Hill Gets Second Chance With The Falcons

The St. Louis Rams drafted cornerback Tye Hill out of Clemson 15th overall in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft. The Rams traded Tye Hill to the Atlanta Falcons on September 1, 2009 for a 2010 7th round draft pick prior to the 2009 season starting. This move still makes little to no sense to me. With a defensive coach like Steve Spagnuolo coming to the St. Louis Rams why not see if he can coach up Hill to play better. I know Hill is coming off another knee injury and has lost confidence but he was the fastest player at the 2006 combine running a 4.31 40 yard dash why not see if we can get him playing better than ever? Hill was already on a 5 year contract through 2010, and with a thin secondary already, you think the Rams would try to work more with who they had to work with.

This week we will see if the Rams made another player personnel mistake as Tye Hill is set to start against the Dallas Cowboys. The Falcons starting cornerback Brian Williams, who suffered a season-ending knee injury is the break Hill needed to get back into the lineup. Hill now has his second chance lets see what he can do with it. The Falcons at 4-1 are set for another playoff run, and I believe Tye Hill may play his best now with another chance with a good team. Unless the Rams truly believe that Hill's knee injuries have ended his career, I believe they let him go as under salary dump. I do not believe that Spagnuolo wants bigger more physical cornerbacks as the sole reason for the trade. Hill is 5-10 185 which is basically the same size as Justin King and Jonathan Wade who both still find themselves on the Rams roster.

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