Wednesday, September 30, 2009

St. Louis Rams Release Hollis Thomas

St. Louis Rams have released defensive tackle Hollis Thomas. The Rams originally signed Thomas as a free agent on the eve of training camp. It was interesting to start with that the Rams signed Thomas since he was already 35 years old and would only have spot duty as a run stuffer. Is this another cost cutting move by the Rams? Thomas played in all three games only recording 2 tackles. The Rams who are getting younger and younger each day will once again replace Thomas with a younger player. The Rams have brought up defensive tackle Leger Douzable from the Practice Squad. Leger Douzable is a 23 year old 6'4" 305 pound DT out of Central Florida, who originally signed and played with the Minnesota Vikings, and also played for the New York Giants. Prior to the 2008 NFL Draft had this to say about Leger: "Douzable has flashed ability the past few seasons, yet he lacks consistency and does not do the little things well. He must rely on more than his natural abilities to have any chance at the next level".

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