Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Got Caught Drinking The Kool-Aid

Ok you caught me and I have to apologize to Rams fans, if there are any left at this point. Last night I got pretty excited and pumped up about opening day against the Green Bay Packers. Maybe, just maybe I had a little too much Kool-Aid Saturday night. I originally thought about predicting a score of 31-10 for the Packers but you know what they say about how women look after 6 beers. I had a little Kool-Aid, thought about the game, hell the Bengals just ran all over the Packers. This is the home opener, these are the Rams trying to win the fans back. We have Steven Jackson, if Cedric Benson can run on the Packers surely Jackson could have a good game. The Packers had allowed 10 sacks, and would be missing starting left tackle Chad Clifton, Steve Spagnuolo would have some blitz packages to eat up that Packers O-line right?

So reality set in and as Denny Green said we are who we thought we were. The same old Rams that have now lost 13 straight regular season NFL games showed up again. The Rams D started off tough and held off the Packers early after Bulger and Jackson turnovers. The Packers who only managed 26 yards in the first quarter were still up 9-0. That just seems to be what happens to bad teams. The Rams get a nice opening kickoff return from Danny Amendola and moved the ball down to the Packers 31 to start the game, but Josh Brown's 48 yard FG was blocked. So instead of getting off to a 3-0 start we found ourselves down 9-0 even though the defense played nearly a flawless first quarter. I somehow forgot about the Rams lack of pass pressure, their lack of secondary depth, their lack of playmaking receivers, and their lack of talent. I am sorry fans I will not forget again. Like the Detroit Lions I will never pick the Rams to win a game again until they win one first.

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