Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time For Rams To Punch Someone In The Mouth

It should be simple, after 12 straight losses, and losing 29 of their last 34 games the St. Louis Rams should be pissed off! I think it is time to show it. After being pushed and pushed some more and then pushed again it should be time to push back. That's right, it is time to punch someone in the mouth, and why not the cheeseheads. This could be the Rams best chance to win a game before their week 8 showdown against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. The Rams will be playing their home opener at the Edward Jones Dome in front of a packed house of 66,000 fans. The Green Bay Packers who have already let up 10 sacks will be without Chad Clifton. The Packers who were stunned last week by the Cincinnati Bengals will also be looking ahead to week four when they will travel to face their good buddy Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. There will be a ton of pressure on the Packers who could easily start 1-3 if they happen to fall to the St. Louis Rams.

As for the Rams it is time to show the fans something. Time to show the fans that keep hearing about the effort and the toughness and how the team is for sale and how the Edward Jones Dome is not good enough for our team, time to show us a win. The Packers just let up 151 yards rushing at home against the Cincinnati Bengals and we have Steve Jackson. We have the hammer, pound the rock. Stand up look them in the face and pound the rock. Hey Barron, Goldberg, Brown, Bell and Incognito, step up show us you want to play here and punch those Packers in the mouth. Run the ball and run the ball some more, and when you are done running the ball run it again. Steven Jackson is our star, and it is time for him to shine brightly and bring home a win so we can remember what it feels like.

It is time for all of the excuses to end. We spent over 30+ million on Bell and Brown. We spent first round draft picks on Barron and Smith. We talk about Marc Bulger in 3rd person saying he is Pro Bowl QB Marc Bulger, well this is 2009 and he has been awful for a long time. Marc is dead last in yards per attempt and 27th in QB rating. I don't want to hear about the receiving core. Donnie Avery is another high draft choice and Marc was 30th in QB rating in 2007 when he had Hall of Fame receivers Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. I don't want to hear about the pinkie or lack of blocking or the lack of preseason play, Marc needs to step up and complete some NFL type passes or he can grab a clipboard.

It is time for Steve Spagnuolo to get after it and throw every blitz you have at the packers patchwork offensive line. You learned from the great Jim Johnson so I know you have those plays just sitting there. Bring the backers, bring the corners, bring a safety, bring them all. Leave no stone unturned. You have Butler and Atogwe back there to cover everything up, just get there before Aaron Rodgers can throw it. The New York Giants beat on Tom Brady and won a game nobody thought they could win. Do the same thing on Sunday. It is time to bloody up an opponent and start the change in our culture. It is our turn on Sunday!

I was not going to pick the Rams until they actually won a game but what the hell.

Prediction St. Louis Rams 20 - Green Bay Packers 16

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