Thursday, September 24, 2009

Billy Devaney Needs To Get To Work

As everyone has heard by now Billy Devaney was offended by comments made by Mark Schlereth on ESPN's Mike & Mike show today. During their true/false segment the question was are the St. Louis Rams the worst team in the NFL. Of course the answer was yes but Mark further said "they’re not competing" and he said that the Rams organization was in “shambles.” Billy Devaney later on ESPN said “I’ll be honest; I’ve got to take a deep breath, because that really pisses me off." Mark later apologized to Devaney and said he meant they are not competitive.

Well tomato tamato is what I say. Our GM should have better things to do then get in a semantics battle with a former NFL player, or the media for that matter. Hey Billy, why don't you make some phone calls and get us some NFL caliber players. The Rams are 5-29 in their last 34 games and have lost 12 straight games. We are awful. We are without playmakers. We are the worst team in the NFL right now. Let's look in the mirror and not worry about what the media has to say.

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