Saturday, July 25, 2009

Banner Contest Voting

Chris Long edged out Donnie Avery 36% to 33% and will replace Torry Holt on our banner. Look for this update later this week. Mike from Wentzville gave the best reason for his selection: "I voted for Long and I think he should be on there. First of all, it can't be Avery, he shows promise, but the "Greatest Show" has folded it's tent and left town so you're going to see a lot of running and swing passes and since Avery is all we have he's going to see a lot of doubles and I don't think is going to put up the numbers. Secondly it should be Long, because the defense should be represented since it's going to be on the upswing with Spags in charge and I think Long is poised to have a breakout year".

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