Sunday, April 12, 2009

Worst Man Drafted - Tournament Update

Our friends back over at NFLMOCKS have their server back up. The 1st round of the Worst Man Draft Tournament is still going on. I supplied the worst draft picks in St. Louis Rams Draft History. I selected L.P. and Trung Candidate. So head on over to NFLMOCKS and make sure to get your votes in. We could be the proud owners of one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. L.P. is in the South Region and up 92-8% currently over puff-puff-pass Ricky Williams. It looks like he will take on Cade McNown in round 2. Never assume a victory, so get on over there and vote. Trung Candidate is in the East Bracket and is the #14 seed and is taking on Jim Drunkenmiller. Trung is trailing, I am not quiet sure that is fair. Trung did nothing in the league. We still have time to pull him through! If Trung can squeak by he will most likely take on Jack Thompson. Who can forget Trung's 3 carries for 6 yards in 2000!




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