Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marc Bulger The Boy In The Bubble

Marc Bulger The Boy In The Bubble

The St. Louis Rams are 19-37 in their last 56 games. Marc Bulger has started 43 of those games and appears to be a sacred animal in the eyes of the St. Louis media. St. Louis media has placed Marc in a nice soft bubble and coddles him week in and week out. Marc has thrown for 200+ yards in only one game so far this year. Marc is 24th in QB rating and has thrown only 6 touchdown passes in seven games. His play is flat out unacceptable.

Marc has not played well since 2006 and I have always had issues with him as a big game QB. The media likes to play this into a Kurt Warner vs. Marc Bulger issue and refuse to ever say that Marc is not playing well. We are constantly told that Bulger does not have time, there are injuries, the receiver ran the wrong route, he should not be criticized or booed. Well I beg to differ St. Louis Post Dispatch, Bryan Burwell, and Bulger apologist. I am a PSL holder and I can boo and give my opinion if I wish. Bulger is lifeless on and off the field, seems to barely have enough arm strength to throw a ball 50 yards, and continues to throw into coverage that he apparently can't read. You can tell me he is a Pro Bowl QB and does not have a line or receivers to produce, but others still produce. In New York Bulger would have been run out of town by now.

The Rams have the starting 5 offensive lineman that they choose to have out there. All five have been for the most part healthy and out there the entire year so far. ESPN had the Rams O-line listed as 22nd best back in August. Arizona ranked 15th is throwing the ball all over the yard with Kurt Warner and they have no running attack at all. The Falcons ranked 31st and with a rookie QB are having success with Matt Ryan who is having a better year than Bulger. Kyle Orton has 10 TD passes behind a line ranked 27th and with a rookie running back. Chad Pennington is 7th in QB rating behind a line ranked 18th with a rookie starting left tackle. I can go on and on. I am from the show me state, show me something Marc because frankly I don't see it.

Today Bulger took a shot at the fans:
"Oh, I know everyone's going to say it's my fault. They're going to say I'm throwing off my back foot or crap like that. But you know what? I don't care what people say. All I care about are what my teammates and my family says. Everyone else? I don't give a damn."

Nice leadership Marc I can see why you were named an offensive captain, because you are offensive. I hope you take your 65 million dollars and get out of town, maybe the media will pay for your flight.

For those of you who want to respond please do. Hopefully people saw Ben Roethlisberger tonight. Ben was hurt before halftime and raced to the locker room to get repairs. Ben was unable to continue but he was cheering and watching his club from the sidelines. Do you think Bulger would have come back out and done that? It's called class Marc, along with a Superbowl ring those are two things you will never have.


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