Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

The inmates are running the asylumThe St. Louis Rams are worth about 950 million dollars according to Forbes. The Rams should be able to afford the best doctors and trainers on the planet. Based on that fact why do players always dictate when they play? Steven Jackson posted on his own website that he was "So to be clear: I am playing. Be ready." Well apparently he was not ready and the Rams did not put together a game plan that would work without him. Adam Carriker and Leonard Little were also both questionable for Sunday's game as well. However both managed to run on and off the field throughout the game against the Arizona Cardinals. All three players were completely ineffective. Jackson had 17 yards rushing and dropped a sure touchdown pass, while Little and Carriker combined for only 1 tackle. Why are the inmates running the asylum? Are the Rams coaches ever going to know and understand when to scratch players from the lineup far enough ahead of time to properly game plan and get the backups enough reps for the upcoming game? Note to the coaches, inmates and players lie plan accordingly.


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