Monday, June 23, 2008

St. Louis Rams Lose To The Seahawks Again!

If you like mascots there is a pretty cool mascot competition going on over at CBS Sports. However if you are a St. Louis Rams fan then you must know that the Rams do not even have a mascot! According to Forbes the St. Louis Rams are worth about $908 million dollars. You think for that kind of scratch we could pay some fan a few bucks an hour to dress up in a Rams suit, hell fans pay to get in and dress up already. Let's get a mascot, this is sad. However Seattle Seahawk fans may find it sad that the Rams were able to get 36% of the vote over their sorry bird. We received 36% of the vote and we don't even have a mascot!

NFL Mascot Competition



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Anonymous Go 49ers said...

I like mascots very much. I think mascots are very important for every team. It shows some identity of the team and it will attract the people very much. Rams able to get 36% of vote was pretty cool but I feel very bad because still they don't even have a mascot.

7/26/2008 06:15:00 AM  

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