Sunday, August 5, 2007

S-Jack Fights in Scrimmage

I should probably not add any fuel to the fire since this is getting blown up by the St. Louis media so I want to get the truth out of there. First, fights within training camp use to be a daily thing when the practices were not soft like they are nowadays. During the scrimmage this Saturday with the first team on the field, after finishing a run up the middle Jackson was hit by Chavous and then Atogwe swatted the ball out of Jackson’s hand. Many of the players were trying to strip balls during practice, you could even hear the coaches yelling at the players to do it. So Jackson took offense and shoved Atogwe back. Atogwe then pushed Jackson hard backwards. After gaining since balance Jackson charged towards Atogwe and threw a hard right hand punch which went around the left side of Atogwe and hit him in the back. After that the two got in tight and fell to the ground with many other players trying to pull everyone apart. All seemed calm until everyone was back up and Incognito and Atogwe were yelling at each other. At this point Atogwe unstrapped his helmet and flung it towards Incognito. This infuriated Incognito who then picked it up ala Kyle Turley and threw it by the face mask as hard as he could back in Atogwe’s direction. This again resulted in a bear hug of these two players. Prior to falling to the ground Tinoisamoa tackled Incognito to the ground and a large pile appeared on the ground. From here the players pulled everyone apart and the coaches finally stopped blowing their whistles. This was the end for the first team O and D. The players were then taken to the back practice field were they ran some sprints to finish off their day. You don’t want to see Jackson break a hand in a fight but it was nice to see a little fire from the O and D early in camp.


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