Tuesday, September 27, 2011

St. Louis Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens Grades

St. Louis Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens Grades

Quarterbacks - D
Alright here is the deal this team has to make some plays and that falls on the QB. I know the defense let up 37 points but there is no rule that we can't score first. Sam Bradford was 1 of 7 for 4 yards and was sacked twice in the first quarter! 29th in QB rating just not good enough.

Runningbacks - C
We dress Steven Jackson but he gets only 4 carries yet he is on the field in the 4th quarter. We need players that can play 60 minutes. 112 yards on 26 carries but 22 of those yards were from Sam Bradford. Cadillac was ok but nothing spectacular.

Wide Receivers - D
The Rams completed 12 passes to the wide receivers but other than the 34 yard TD pass from Bradford to Gibson on a scramble while down 30-0 they did not produce much (11 catches for 83 yards). The Rams wide outs are not getting open or separating from coverage.

Offensive Line - F
Lets quit covering for these guys. Three high priced free agents and two top draft picks on this line and week in and week out they disappoint. Sam Bradford once again took a pounding and was sacked five times! The Rams ran for 4.3 yards per carry but there are no gapping holes that is for sure. Also lets work on blitz pickup shall we.

Special Teams C
The score was 37-7 so special teams were a non factor. Donnie Jones averaged 46.5 per punt and Josh Brown had no field goals. Rams kick coverage was average at best but not much of a factor.

Defense - F
The Ravens put up 37 points, had 553 total yards, scored seven times and missed two field goals. The Rams defense gave the team no chance to win as the Ravens put up over 400 yards in the first half alone. Justin King should have earned a plane ticket home based on his play.

Coaching - F
Where to start. The Rams seemed unprepared. The Ravens known for ball control had a game plan and it was to use their speed against the Rams weakest corner. Lance Kendricks on an end-around? If Steven Jackson is hurt let him rest. Screens can work against a top pass rush like the Ravens yet the Rams completed one pass to the runningbacks for 4 total yards. Can the Rams coaches ever improve the line play?

By Stlvinnie - http://www.stlouisramfan.com/

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