Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Danny Amendola - Our Warrior

Since the loss of Issac Bruce and Torry Holt the St. Louis Rams have been looking for a #1 receiver. Well the Rams drafted two receivers in the 2011 NFL Draft and just picked up Mike Sims-Walker as a free agent. The Rams have 12 receivers in training camp and will most likely keep six or seven to open the 2011 NFL season. We may need a #1 but lets not forget what we already have. We have Danny Amendola a 5-11 185 lb solid sparkplug of a receiver. Amendola steped up while returning the second most punts in the NFL he was also 9th in receptions with 85. Maybe we do not have a #1 but we have Danny. The same Danny Amendola that had ONE reception less than Brandon Marshall and Andre Johnson. I am not saying Amendola is as talented or will score as many touchdowns as the high priced top receivers in the NFL, but what he will do is compete every second of every game and be where Sam Bradford expects him to be. With the Rams switching from Pat Shurmur to Josh McDaniels look for Amendola to catch balls in better situations with more running room instead of his back to the defense. I am usually the person that points out that St. Louis would rather have a hard worker like Bob Bassen or Bo Hart than an actual player with talent. Well in Amendola I see both. I bet Tom Brady is very happy having Wes Welker and Sam Bradford has Danny Amendola so don't put him down just because of his size. Danny Amendola stuck out in the Rams scrimmage on Sunday and there is no reason that he will not stick out in 2011. Why shouldn't we love a 25 year old receiver that can ball with the big boys.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 3rd generation Ram fan...starting with my grandfather in Cleveland and my dad and I in Los Angeles and Anaheim...we're talking 20+ seasons combined between us 3 as season ticket holders. Today, 9/11, versus the Eagles, has to be the worst coaching job I have ever seen in my 54 years...poke me with a fork cause I am DONE. I am tired of Rams staff/coaches talking the talk and not being able to bust a usual. Coaches are going to ruin outstanding players...starting with Bradford and think year before last was bad...wait till the end of this season and remember where you heard it first. See ya!!!! steve_cleo

9/11/2011 06:58:00 PM  

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