Sunday, October 24, 2010

St. Louis Rams Drop One 18-17 In Tampa Bay

The St. Louis Rams led most of the day against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium only to lose the lead with 10 seconds remaining. The Buccaneers drove 81 yards on their last drive and capped it off with a 1-yard touchdown pass to Cadillac Williams from Josh Freeman. This is a very tough loss for the Rams who once again had a 17-3 lead during the game only to see the Buccaneers come back for the victory.

The Rams continue to miss opportunities to put teams away. The Buccaneers fumbled twice and the Rams were unable to recovereither one. In addition the Rams continue to drop interceptions. On one play the ball was up in the air for a few seconds as both James Laurinaitis and Bryan Kehl watched it come out of the sky. Both reached for the ball and in fell to the ground as they both looked on in disbelief. The Rams who already lead the league in dropped passes must also lead the league in dropped interceptions.

The St. Louis Rams must learn how to win on the road and how to dominate and put teams away in the second half of games. The Rams road woes continue as they have now lost 14 of last 15 road games. The Rams who led 17-6 at the half were unable to
score in the second half. The Rams have scored a total of three points in the second half over the past three weeks. In this era of the NFL you simply have to score more points on a consistent basis to win. The Rams have now scored 20 or less points in 13 of their last 14 games. The Rams had less than 100 total yards of offense in 2nd half against San Diego and Tampa Bay.

With the Rams leading 17-12 and 4:45 remaining the Buccaneers started from their own 19 yard line needing a TD to take the lead. The Buccaneers had a huge 15 yard penalty against them after the two minute warning the the Rams had them facing a 1st
and 22 from the Rams 49. The Rams played a little soft and Tampa got in position for a 4th in 3 from the Rams 30 with 1:12 remaining in the game. Josh Freeman hit Kellen Winslow for a 9 yard gain down to the Rams 21 and the Rams were in trouble. The
Rams forced one more 3rd and long (10) but Freeman once again made a play when he found Mike Williams for a 20 yard gain down to the Rams 1, the Rams missed several tackles on the play. After an incomplete pass Freeman then found Cadillac Williams for the game winner.

Congrats to Steven Jackson who had 110 yards on the ground on 22 carries and passed Eric Dickerson on the all-time Ramsrushing list. Sam Bradford struggled on the day even though he had two touchdown passes he was only 13 of 26 for 126 yards. Bradford completed only 6 passes for 48 yards in the second half and only seven receptions for 55 yards to wide receivers in the game. The Rams continue to struggle to get the ball down field and to score points. The Rams need to stay positive and get their confidence back up next week against the Carolina Panthers (1-5). If the Rams can beat Carolina they will enter the bye week at 4-4 and will have won games than the past three seasons.

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