Friday, September 24, 2010

As Vinnie Sees it- Week 3 Vince Vitale

Week 2 I scored 74 points after 76 in week 1 and I am now 11th out of 36 in the Blogger/Celebrity/Expert League. While using mid-tier players I have to make sure I also do not fall too far behind. This week I feel the urge to pick on the Little Sisters of the Poor. That being said I am also going to double down and use up some star talent. I am in the upper third of the league but I want to jump into the top 10 and work from there. I am going to start Tom Brady against the Buffalo Bills this week. As bad as the St. Louis Rams are I believe the Buffalo Bills are the worst team in football. The Patriots coming off a division loss to the New York Jets last week are going to just paste the Bills. As Barry Switzer would say it is time to lay a half a hundred on the Bills. At running back I am going to pull out the big gun and use up Adrian Peterson against the Detroit Lions. If LeSean McCoy can light up the Lions what type of numbers will AP put up? The Vikings are 0-2 and facing a must win, Peterson will run wild. I was unsure who to use as my #2 back but I decided to go with Pierre Thomas against the Atlanta Falcons. With Reggie Bush out I am hoping that Thomas also catches some passes, either way he should have a good game against the Atlanta Falcons. At receiver I am going to go against a cardinal rule of fantasy football and start two receivers from the same team. I am going with Randy Moss and Wes Welker against the Buffalo Bills. Moss is ready for a big game and Welker gives me a receiver that I know catches balls week in and week out, and this week I also expect him to get into the end zone. At Tight End the play is probably Chris Cooley against the St. Louis Rams but I went with Visanthe Shiancoe against the Lions. Brett Favre is having trouble hooking up with his receivers so I am going to play the hot hand and that is Shiancoe. Kicker is always hard and very hard in this league because you must pick a different one each week. I decided on Matt Prater because I expect the Colts and Broncos to put up plenty of points. The Broncos may be forced to go for TDs over Field Goals so it may be a mistake but I think the Broncos will stay in the game and take three points every time they can get them. Check in next week to see if my selections paid off.

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