Sunday, August 8, 2010

St. Louis Rams Scrimmage Notes

It was a beautiful night for the St. Louis Rams scrimmage at Lindenwood University in Harlen C. Hunter Stadium before approximately 8,000 fans. The players took the field around 6:30 and began their warm-ups. The scrimmage did not actually start until close to 7PM.

The Rams started with live drills frm their own 35 yards line and you had 3 plays to make a first down, and march down the field. A.J. Feeley Took the field with the first team offense against the second team defense. It was not much of a contest as the offense scored a touchdown after only five plays when Feeley hit Danny Amendola with a 30 yard touchdown pass. Sam Bradford was next in line with the second team offense against the first team defense. Bradford's first pass was caught and then fumbled by Daniel Fells. After that it was smooth sailing as Bradford looked calm in the pocket and threw some ropes including a roll out 11 yard touchdown pass to Keenan Burton. After Bradford it was time for Keith Null who mad short work of the defense by hitting Brandon McRae for a 60 yard touchdown catch and run.

After the 3-and-out portion of practice the Rams went to situational work. The Rams practiced trying to move the ball from their own goal line this proved near impossible for each group. The Rams then worked on 4th down short yardage plays which they did not look very good at. Late in the scrimmage the Rams went into their 2-minute drill where they had to move the ball down the field in less than two minutes and they were also given two timeouts. Sam Bradford was first to try this and showed everyone what they had been waiting for as he dropped in a perfect 53 yard bomb to Danny Amendola. When the scrimmage ended all Rams players signed autographs for 15+ minutes including Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford.

My overall notes and impressions of the practice were:
I thought the pace overall was slow you did not see a lot of running to the huddle or on and off the field. Also time between plays at times was very long

Sam Bradford looked great, threw the ball sharp and even threw well on the run

Danny Amendola is having a great camp and is determined to stay in the starting lineup

The Rams tight end corp. dropped a lot of passes in scrimmage someone needs to step up

No Rams running back left an impressionm without Steven Jackson the Rams look helpless on the ground

Jerome Murphy and James Laurinaitis like to stick people

Mandy Gilyard was hit on the arm and will have an x-ray I hope that is not serious

George Selvie had a strong scrimmage

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