Saturday, July 31, 2010

St. Louis Rams Training Camp - July 31st

Today was the first time that all the St. Louis Rams including Sam Bradford were on the practice squad at the St. Louis Rams training camp. The Rams held an open to the public session from 3-4:30PM. The weather was warm but with some cloud cover and a small breeze it was not near as bad as it could be. I would say the crowd was possibly 1000 to 1500.

All players were in shorts and light pads so there was not a lot of contact going on. For most of the practice the Rams had 11 on 11 drills rotating players in and out at a pretty good pace. Sam Bradford, A.J. Feeley, Keith Null, and Thaddeus Lewis all seemed to get about the same amount of work in. The biggest cheer during practice was when Sam Bradford hit Keenan Burton on a semi-deep ball.

It was great to see Sam Bradford and Thaddeus Lewis get in extra work after practice as well as Steven Jackson doing sprints on his own. The St. Louis Rams offensive line signed autographs after practice. In addition Mardy Gilyard went out of his why to sign as did Sam Bradford after a session with reporters. Tomorrow the St. Louis Rams will have two more open sessions for the public starting at 8:15AM and 6:15PM. Click here to see all of my St. Louis Rams training camp photos from today.

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Blogger Bacon said...

Nice pictures. Good to hear that there's cheering once again at a Rams event. :)

8/02/2010 12:26:00 PM  
Blogger stlvinnie said...

Injury to Bartell tonight hurts. I look forward to seeing Sam Bradford at the scrimmage on Saturday night at Lindenwood.

8/03/2010 09:31:00 PM  

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