Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rams @ Patriots: What To Watch For

Here are the 5 items we will be watching for in the St. Louis Rams @ New England Patriots preseason game tonight.

1 - How will Sam Bradford perform with the starting offensive line and Steven Jackson in the game. Sam is 12 of 27 for 81 yards so far in the preseason and we need to see more progress tonight.

2 - The starting offensive line. The offensive line has to have pride with Sam Bradford on the field and must protect him. The starting five should finally get a large amount of playing time in this one.

3 - The Rams secondary may go up against Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker for some time tonight. It will be interesting to see if Bartell, Fletcher, Atogwe, and Dahl can hold their own against the Patriots.

4 - The Rams offensive play calling. The play calling is the elephant in every Rams forum. It is the chicken or the egg theory. Is Pat Shurmur call conservative plays because he has no confidence in the QB, is afraid the O-line can't block long enough, does not believe the receiving core can get separation or other. Let's see if the Rams can throw some passes over 10 yards tonight.

5 - The Rams receiving core needs to step up. Will we get to see a lot of Mardy Gilyard and newly signed Denario Alexander, we hope so. Will past draft picks Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton step up and show they can start in this league. The Rams still have 10 players competing for 5 or 6 roster spots.

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