Saturday, July 24, 2010

Timeout Are St. Louis Rams After T.O.

Are the St. Louis Rams seriously after Terrell Owens? Chris Mortensen of ESPN and ProFootballTalk separately have confirmed, that the Rams are in "serious pursuit" of Terrell Owens. Word has been the Cincinnati Bengals are the front runner for Owens' services. According to a Rams source scoffed at a report that the team was in serious pursuit of Terrell Owens or aggressively courting him, calling it "overzealous."

Owens told NFL Network's Stacey Dales on Friday. "I'm going in on my 15th season, so I want to go to a team that's on the cusp of making it to the playoffs and really having a team really want me and feel that I can come in and be an asset to their ballclub."

So is it possible that the St. Louis Rams are actually after Terrell Owens, and the bigger question would be, would he seriously come to the worst team in the NFL to play. This would be a much more exciting topic than a new Rams mascot that is for sure. While Terrell Owens could provide veteran support at the wide receiver position and mentor players like Donnie Avery and Mardy Gilyard can you imaging him playing on a losing team. While on winning teams in San Francisco and Philadelphia Owens was a constant full time cancer and distraction. To be fair Terrell Owens also helped both teams go deep into the playoffs.

For a St. Louis Rams team that has not taken many risks lately and loves their 4 pillars approach I just don't see them picking up Terrell Owens. Owens would most likely only sign a one-year contract and the Rams are not going to win much in 2010. Can you imagine Sam Bradford having to deal with Terrell Owens let alone if the Rams are 2-8 or something like that. Other than exciting the fan base and improving the roster does this move make sense? Both Steve Spagnuolo and Pat Shurmur have to know what they are getting themselves into if they sign Terrell Owens.

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