Wednesday, March 24, 2010

McNabb To Rams Rumors Fly

Rumors continue to fly that not only are Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles shopping all three of their QBs, but some have said the Rams have made an offer for Donovan McNabb. The latest of the rumors has McNabb coming to the Rams for the Rams #33 pick in the upcoming 2010 NFL draft and Safety Oshiomogho Atogwe. Rams GM Billy Devaney has said these rumors are absolutely false. The Eagles have basically just been saying no comment. However these are the same Eagles that were never talking to Michael Vick yet signed him to a contract shortly after saying they were not even talking to Vick. Who can be trusted in the NFL, nobody. As with many pre draft rumors most are false, but just ponder what is better the McNabb / Suh combination or Sam Bradford and X? The Rams have basically cleaned house so it is time to move on. I would love to see Donovan McNabb in a Rams uniform but you have to build your football team and Sam Bradford is the building block we need.

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