Monday, March 22, 2010

Do St. Louis Rams Have A Poker Face?

The question is do the St. Louis Rams have a poker face? Sure the Rams signed free agent QB A.J. Feeley known for his solid backup play and teaching ability. Does this point to the clear fact that the Rams are going to draft Sam Bradford and play Feeley while Bradford prepares to take the reins? The Rams also signed 10 year veteran DT Fred Robbins. Will the Rams actually play Robbins at DT in a rotation with Clifton Ryan, Darell Scott and Adam Carriker or is he there to teach Ndamukong Suh a thing or two about the NFL? The big question is have the Rams improved their draft status with these moves or do other teams see through the Rams poker face? I still believe they are going to draft Sam Bradford first overall.

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Blogger Pastor Chris said...

I would much rather have them draft Suh. This front office team and coaching regime is supposed to be great. This is supposed to be a foolproof draft (assuming Suh). Now it looks like it may be something else.

Franchise QBs can be found in every draft, and in each round. But the Rams will draft Bradford. Here's my reasoning:

1. Learn from history: Billy Devaney was on the staff that drafted Ryan Leaf (and Mike Vick if I am not mistaken).

2. The Rams will draft Bradford after panicking. Their mentality will be: "We went safe last year. Also, a couple years ago we passed on Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. Last year we passed on Mark Sanchez and couldn't get Matthew Stafford. We HAVE to get Bradford."

3/22/2010 09:36:00 PM  

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