Monday, February 15, 2010

2009 Rams Draft - A Look Back

Jason Smith - Jason Smith appeared to be a project to start with and still may be going into the 2010 season. Jason played in eight games in 2009, starting in five of them. Jason still appears to be more suited to play RT than LT, he is also still way better at run blocking than pass blocking.

James Laurinaitis - James was a great pick right out of the box. James filled a huge need at MLB. Laurinaitis started all 16 games and was outstanding. Laurinaitis made 120 tackles had two sacks a forced fumble and two interceptions. James needs some better cover skills but other than that he had a great year. Laurinaitis fell to the Rams as did Rey Maualuga, looks like the Rams made the better choice here.

Bradley Fletcher - With the surprising release of Tye Hill Fletcher got an early chance to play. Fletcher played in seven games and started in 3. Bradley was having his best game of the year against Indianapolis when he was injured. Bradley suffered two torn ligaments in his right knee and missed the final nine games of the 2009 season. Fletcher will try to return by 2010 training camp after recovering from a couple of knee surgeries.

Dorell Scott - Dorell did not get much playing time in preseason. Late in the season coach Steve Spagnuolo gave some of the younger players more oppurtunities and Scott made the most of it. Dorell started five of the last 6 games the Rams played recording 18 tackles and playing very well inside. I would love to see the Rams draft offensive weapons in the upcoming 2010 NFL Draft, and continue to develop Clifton Ryan and Dorell Scott inside.

Foster Brooks - A preseason injury to Foster Brooks sidelined him for the whole 2009 NFL season. Brooks suffered a serious ankle injury against the Jets requiring surgery. While Foster is a great athlete I still do not understand drafting the 3rd best receiver on the North Carolina Tar Heels. As a senior Brooks only caught 30 passes and in 2007 Brooks did not start in any game. Brooks will most likely have a hard time making the 2010 Rams roster.

Keith Null - With the injury to Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller's lack of production along with the Rams terrible record Keith Null was pressed into service. For a late round draft pick from West Texas A&M, it is pretty impressive that Keith could do as well as he did. By NFL standards he failed but he did not seem overwhelmed by being in the NFL which is a great sign. Keith completed 73 of 119 passes for 566 yards, including 3 TDs and 9 interceptions for a QB rating of 49.9. Keith probably did enough to earn his way onto the 2010 Rams.

Chris Ogbonnaya - Chris had a hard time making the Rams squad bouncing between being cut and being on the practice squad. Ogbonnaya was finally given a chance and promoted to the active roster on November 28, 2009. Chris was on the Rams active roster from week 12 through the end of the season. Chris was able to get into two games were he had 11 carries for 50 yards and one reception for 19 yards. Steven Jackson spoke highly of Chris several times about his work ethic. With the lack of backup running backs on the Rams Chris will have a chance to once again be on the roster in 2010.

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Anonymous athooks said...

Fletcher was our 3rd round pick?

Ugh. I had blocked that from my memory.

Also re: Jason Smith... He might turn out to be a great player. Same with Chris Long. BUT when you're a top 5 pick three years in a row, 2 out of the three have to be multiple pro-bowlers to get out of the cellar.

Are Long & Smith multiple pro-bowlers?

The Rams HAVE to get better value from all their picks. Looking back, the past 5 years have produced minimum amounts of impact players.

Ugh again.


2/15/2010 02:36:00 PM  

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