Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Prediction - The Simple Truth

Well the fourteen day wait for the most overhyped sporting event in America is almost over. Super Bowl XLIV between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts is only hours away. Earlier in the week we took a look at a ton of stats and comparisons between the two teams in our comparison article. As we draw closer to kickoff you can throw all the stats out the window. This game like every other will start tied at zero and one team will need to outplay the other on that given day to win. Who will win Super Bowl XLIV? Without going over the stats ad nauseam again, I am simply going to break down what I see as the keys to this upcoming Super Bowl.

First I like to say that is just Peyton Manning being Peyton Manning. What does that mean? Well it means he is simply the best. He dominates every football game he plays in. Peyton seems to know what all 22 players on each play are going to do. In addition to that even if you have perfect coverage on a Colts receiver he can place the ball with robot like accuracy for a completion. Peyton just won his fourth NFL MVP to go along with his Super Bowl MVP, 10 Pro Bowl selections and 50,000+ career passing yards. No matter how good your team is only the Indianapolis Colts have Peyton Manning.

Secondly the New Orleans Saints secondary is going to be burnt. The Saints were 26th against the pass during the regular season and even though they beat the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs the Cardinals did complete 67% of their passes and Brett Favre passed for over 300 yards. The Minnesota Vikings dominated the Conference Championship game and simply lost from turning the ball over. The sure handed Colts receiving core and accuracy of Peyton Manning should move the ball at will against the New Orleans Saints.

Thirdly the Indianapolis Colts play nearly perfect football. The Colts simply do not beat themselves. The Indianapolis Colts won 23 straight regular season games in a row prior to pulling players in week 15 of the 2009 season against the New York Jets. 23 straight games! I don't think people understand how hard it is to win 23 straight games in the NFL, that does not happen by accident. The Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning was only sacked 10 times during the season. Manning only threw 16 interceptions on almost 600 passing attempts, and the Colts lost only 5 fumbles. Simply put the Colts are a machine that you have to beat with a better machine because they will hand you nothing.

As I have read and analyzed this upcoming game more and more I am getting a feeling that the New Orleans Saints should win this game, however an NFL football game is not about numbers and stats it is about what actually happens on the field on Sundays. The Colts have possibly the best quarterback to ever play football and they win the close games and have been here before. No matter how many stats point me towards the Saints I just can't do it. I hope the Colts put up a point for every time I am forced to hear someone say Who Dat! The phrase for one can be considered racists due to its background, and for another is there anything more hoosier than listening to someone saying it. So I leave you with this, Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? The Indianapolis Colts are going to beat those Saints, that's who!

Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

Indianapolis Colts 34 - New Orleans Saints 24


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