Sunday, January 24, 2010

AFC Championship Jets @ Colts Playoff Preview

Well let's try this again. Home teams were 3-1 last week however how did I forget about the Norv Turner factor again? My preseason Super Bowl prediction of Packers vs. Chargers is long gone. I let Norv burn me twice and I simply know better.

Today the Cinderella New York Jets will once again attempt to win a game that they should not win. Week 16, only a short time ago the Jets were 7-7 and down 9-0 early to the Indianapolis Colts. At that moment in time the Colts had won 23 straight games. The Jets went on to win that game 29-15 and have now won four straight heading into today's game.

This is again a game the Jets should not win. Let's quickly recap the first game. The Colts got up 9-0 early and were up 15-10 when they pulled their starters. The Colts managed 288 yards on the 6 drives they had while Manning was in the game, that is 48 yards per drive. If that continues the Colts will put points on the board. Manning played 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter and was 14 of 21 for 192 yards, and the Jets were unable to sack him. On the flip side the Colts D held the Jets to 120 total yards in the first half of play and 3 points. I look for more of the same today.

The Jets will once again try to win with a solid rushing game, and a great defensive effort. Shonn Greene has been red hot for the Jets. Sanchez only threw for 100 yards against the Chargers and 106 in their game against the Colts in week 16. The Jets are going to have to be able to pass the ball and score more today against the Colts. This is another great matchup for the Jets D as the Colts were dead last in rushing yards this season. With such an anemic running game it is amazing that the Colts can win game after game. Indy only rushed for 42 yards against the Ravens last week for a 1.7 yards per carry average. The Jets will try to box in the Indy rush and come after Peyton and confuse him with coverage. Manning did throw 16 interceptions this year and he was picked once by the Ravens last week and had another couple called back. If the Jets can take the ball away if...

All that being said I see Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts returning to the Super Bowl. I think the Jets will be able to shut down the Colts running game. I expect the Jets to play a lot of zone keeping the Colts in front of them. I expect a machine like performance from Manning just taking what the Jets give him. The most overlooked part of this game is the RCA Dome. The Colts D is lightning fast on that home turf. Their D will have a chip on its shoulder today and they are going to get after the Jets and Sanchez. The Jets may get some yards on the ground but I do not think it will be as many as most think. In addition I think the Colts will get to Sanchez and more importantly force mistakes. You have to take Manning over Sanchez in this one.

Prediction Indianapolis Colts 24 - New York Jets 10

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