Sunday, January 17, 2010

AFC Divisional Jets @ Chargers Playoff Preview

Well the San Diego Chargers will try to finish off the home team sweep this afternoon against the New York Jet . Home teams have dominated this weekend and I look for that to continue. Home teams have outscored their opponents 99-20 in those 3 games.

To me this game is very simple, Phillip Rivers is a far superior QB to Mark Sanchez at this point in time. Phillip Rivers was 3rd in the NFL with a QB rating of 104.4, while Mark Sanchez was 28th in the league with a 63.0 rating. I know it is a team sport but this will play a huge part in today's game. In addition Phillip Rivers believes he is the best QB in the NFL and plays with a chip on his shoulder and is a great leader. I think the Chargers will go far into the playoffs with the play of Rivers.

The Chargers are red hot with 11 straight victories and a week off. They will not fear the Jets, their defense, or tough talk from Rex Ryan. The Chargers have not lost since October 19th when they lost 34-23 to the Broncos. The Chargers are 4th in the league in scoring, and 5th in passing and will go right at the Jets strength, their secondary. The Chargers had two 1100+ yard receivers in Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson. Even if the Jets take away Jackson with Darrelle Revis, they still need to cover Gates and that will take away from their pass rush. Look for the Chargers to spread out the Jets by using both LT and Darren Sproles out of the backfield as they combined for 65 catches this year.

The Jets will try to use their formula of tough defense and safe offense to stay in the game. Shonn Greene a great 3rd round pick by the Jets has really been playing well. In addition the ageless Thomas Jones put up a 1400 yard season. The Jets will not be able to shutdown the Chargers so a time will come when they will have to move the ball and score and that is when they will get in trouble. Sanchez had a only 12 TD passes all year and that is just not going to get it done against any of the teams left in this years playoffs. The Jets are ranked 31st in passing and that will not do it today.

Overall I believe the Chargers have way too much for the Jets. The Jets allowed a lot of yards rushing to the Bengals last week and that does not bode well. If the Chargers can keep the Jets off balance with any rushing at all then they will be able to move the ball and score. Also as good as the Jets defense has been the Chargers are +8 in turnover ratio while the Jets were only +1.

Prediction San Diego Chargers 30 - New York Jets 10

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