Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winner By Knockout - Chris Johnson

The Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson showdown and Rams Titans showdown turned into more of an MMA first round knockout! It took Chris Johnson less than 12 minutes to produce 100+ total yards and two TDs to put the Titans up 14-0, and it was all over.

The Titans went on to roll up 446 yards in route to an embarrassing 47-7 thrashing of the St. Louis Rams. Chris Johnson managed to put up 186 total yards and three TDs. Steven Jackson who was obviously not at 100% again was kept in the game way too long. Jackson managed 47 yards on 19 carries and was stopped in the backfield most of the day.

Keith Null finally got into a Rams game today as the starting QB due to the injury to Kyle Boller. Keith managed to throw 5 INTs in a less than stellar performance. A late game garbage TD pass to Randy McMichael may be the highlight of his NFL career. Keith Null was 27 of 43 for 157 yards and a QB rating of 37.8. The Rams refuse to throw the ball downfield which the Rams 3.7 yards per attempt shows all to well.

If Steve Spagnuolo says anything to the media about the Rams effort, or how hard they try, or how they never quit, or how great they looked in practice I want every Rams fan to call the Rams office and complain. Hey Steve, we don't care win a game!!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Johnson has a bazillion dollars, can't he fix his teeth?????

7/07/2011 10:03:00 PM  

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