Sunday, December 6, 2009

Steve Spagnuolo You Are The Head Coach

Unlike Scott Linehan or Jim Haslett I would like to let Steve Spagnuolo know that we already know he is the head coach of the St. Louis Rams. This seems obvious so why am I telling you? Because during the last 3 years we have watched the St. Louis Rams win only 6 of their last 44 games! Scott Linehan and Jim Haslett just wanted to keep their job so they were trying to play perfect and pick up some wins instead of trying to build a team and prepare the young players. Well Scott you were just made head coach at the start of the 2009 season. You are not going to get fired, you can try some things, coach up some of these players, take a risk once in a while. I feel compelled to tell you this because watching the St. Louis Rams is like watching paint dry. After their 17-9 loss to the Chicago Bears today the Rams have a nice four game losing streak going again. The Chicago Bears are playing awful football right now and with Jay Cutler at the helm they may soon break down and cry. This is a team the Rams could beat.

The Rams were in Bears territory 9 times today, and only managed to score 9 points. This may be the reason the Rams are dead last in the NFL in points scored. The Rams and Spagnuolo seem to have a goal to get to the other teams 35 yard line so they can set up as many 50 yard field goals as possible. The Rams had a total of only 233 yards today and were 2 for 14 on 3rd down conversions. One reason they may not convert on 3rd down may be the lack of trying. The Rams ran a draw on 3rd and 11 today, and many other times would throw the ball well short of the first down marker. Why, why can we not attempt to convert a first down, or score a TD in the Red Zone. This team is 1-11 and we want to play it as safe as possible. Steve, you are not trying to save your job, you are suppose to be coaching these players up and helping them win games. I have put way to much time, effort and money into the Rams to get excited about you telling me they had a good week of practice or that they are trying hard. Tell Pat Shurmur to turn the page everyone knows Steven Jackson will run up the middle on every first down. The other teams secondary know they never have to cover a deep ball and can play tight and break on every ball because nobody is going to make a double move and run past them.

Although the effort may be slightly better since you have arrived, the roster is worse, and the results are no better. It is time for the excuses to end and the wins to pick up. Just because your team is less talented than most or possibly all does not give you a free pass to lose every game. Sometimes the smaller less talented team can win, maybe we could actually have a game plan and outcoach the other team. Another top 5 draft pick is not going to cure all that ails these St. Louis Rams and neither is a 3rd and 11 draw play. Think about it.

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